Step One: Getting There

Since this blog will be mostly focused on travel tips for exploring Europe, these suggestions will be specific, but with a little tweaking, can be changed to fit virtually any country you’re interested in.

Traveling around Europe is many college student’s dream. While getting across the ocean may seem like the most daunting part, it isn’t a deal breaker, and can be manageable. One site, StudentUniverse, will literally save you hundreds. Become a member (yes, it is free) and you will have access to discounts and promo codes that you never thought possible. The first step to getting to Europe as cheap as possible is to fly into wherever the sales are happening. While this is usually London, there are exceptions when sales might be going on with other airlines. Then, from wherever you landed, take a rail or bus to get where you want to be.

Timing is also very important. Try to avoid travel during peak season, and don’t travel around European holidays. Do your research before you book, and get the best deal. Some example flights I found on StudentUniverse right now:

  • One-Way Flight from New York to Paris: $265
  • One-Way Flight from Washington D.C to Amsterdam: $289

Europe is so compact that it is easy to see multiple countries in one trip. If you don’t know where to start, there are tour packages of Europe from StudentUniverse that take you to the most iconic places, and it’s not difficult to navigate through them. However, if you know where you want to go, there are more than enough ways to get you there without emptying your bank account. The Euro Rail is a scenic and fast option, but it’s not always the cheapest. Look out for student discounts on train tickets! Busses are going to be the cheapest way to travel from country to country, as they can take you across borders for as little as $15. Eurolines and Megabus are two companies that can show you routes. Last way to get around Europe would be with international budget flights. StudentUniverse can help you find these as well, while a plane ticket from Rome to Paris will only cost you about $25.

I would advise every traveler looking for a budget friendly trip to avoid a car. The daily fee may seem low, but there is always extras such as tolls, gas and parking, which ends up being much more expensive. Don’t rent a car thinking it will be the cheapest and easiest option, it’s not. Plus, Europe is covered in speed guns that will photograph you and send the ticket to you in the U.S. Not a great souvenir.

If you plan your trip, you can experience any city on a budget. Some cities are cheaper than others, which could make a week-long trip and a month long trip the same price. So, if you want to get the most from your Europe trip, visit more affordable cities like Budapest and Prague. Do the research, check out the current exchange rates, find out where your dollar will be the strongest.

My next few blogs will include the other aspects of your trip, such as accommodations, food, and activities. Stay tuned to find even more money saving tips.

Go to to become a member of StudentUniverse and save big money on travel.



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