Summing Up Just Me & My Passport

When I began this blog in January, I was less than excited to start it. I didn’t know what I could write about, and I didn’t know if anyone would care about what I had to say. However, as I wrote this blog throughout this semester, I got more and more into what my blog had the potential to do, and the people (like myself) that I could help. That maybe something as simple as helping college students become citizens of the world, and not just San Marcos.

The tools I found most effective were inserting hyperlinks into my content, so if a visitor wanted to look more into it, or even start trying to plan a vacation using my tools, it could be a simple start. I believe I could continue doing this blog, and cover the endless other tips and tricks for budget traveling, in addition to what I have already covered.

While writing this blog, I started paying more attention to my writing skills, learning to write more clear and concise, and of course avoiding the oxford comma (my biggest problem). I plan on pursuing a career in Public Relations, and writing is the most important skill that employers look for in a candidate, and I believe writing this blog has strengthened my writing skills overall.

The one thing I wish I could’ve done differently with my blog is to experience the topics of the posts first hand. For example, instead of doing research on the costs of European trains and busses, I wish I would have been able to provide information for my viewers first hand. I wish I could have been able to give my readers my actual costs, instead of other travelers. Being able to actually experience these things as I write about them: hostels, trains, railways, airlines, they all would’ve been so much more impactful and informational to the readers, and to myself.

My most popular post overall (based on views and likes) was the post about Tourism Cards, and whether or not they are worth the cost. I think this post is something that a lot of travelers want to know more about, and that’s why it was the most viewed. My blog also reached multiple countries, such as India, United Kingdom, Canada, Jordan, Sweden, and Germany, and the United States, all the way up to Alaska. Many of these readers have contacted me, and now we are able to follow each other’s blogs, and keep up with what we are doing.

Overall, starting this blog was an experience I will never forget. It showed me how simple it is to connect with people from all over the world, and hopefully be able to help strangers next time they are trying to travel Europe on a budget. My idea for this blog from the start was to show 20 somethings and college students that being able to see the world isn’t an impossibility for us because of money. Just like the first post I wrote, which lists many reasons why, this is the perfect time for people like us to be able to explore, go on adventures, make memories, and find yourself as a person. And if my blog can help people do that, my job as a blogger has been successful.

Until Next Time,


P.S. There are bloggers who continually show their experiences with traveling as they go, and they are great blogs to follow, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll run into them! Some of my favorites are Nomadic Matt, Ed Rex (not technically a budget traveler, but still a great blog!), and The Budget Traveler.


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