Me & My Passport was launched in 2017 as a way to show young people how and why they should (and can) travel the world. This blog might not include everything that you’ll need to know to start a vacation, but it will definitely aid in the financial aspects. Although this page is primarily focused on traveling in Europe, the information can easily be tailored to help with any country vacation.

I began this blog as a way to show twenty-something’s (specifically college students like yours truly) that traveling the world is NOT impossible. We often think that traveling will be way to expensive for people like us, who are just starting out in life, so my blog provides tips and tricks on saving money, and still getting to see what the world has to offer.


I am Kelsey Key, a proud Texas State University Bobcat, and a 21 year old blonde who is ready to take on the world. My husband, Jesse, our furbaby, Burrito and I leave the country every year to explore a new land, and then head back to our home in Texas.

My adventures traveling the world always include my best friend, (who just happens to be my husband too). I’ve always loved traveling, and was lucky enough to visit 48 states before I was 15. Since then, Jesse and I have branched out a bit farther than just the United States, although we have had some road trips to Florida for spring break… Good times. Jesse and I grew up together, and fell in love at the age of 12, and were married on May 27th, 2016. Who knew we would still be in love 10 years later? He is my best friend, my motivation, and truly my better half.

Currently, I am a junior at Texas State, and will be graduating with the Class of 2018, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Between now and then, I’m sure there will be more adventures I post about, so be sure to check out my page often for new updates!

Also, I will always advocate for the incredible, diverse, amazing university I chose to attend, so if you’re interested in attending Texas State University and becoming a bobcat, check out the website at http://www.txstate.edu! Go Cats Go!