Why You Should Travel in Your 20’s

Your time in college will help you define who you are, and how you spend the rest of your life. Seeing the world in your twenties will change EVERYTHING. Whether you want to get some life experience after graduation, or even aren’t sure what your destiny is yet, there are so many reasons that traveling during this time should be a priority. I’m Kelsey, and my husband, Jesse, and I dedicate our prime to seeing the world together. Our goal is to live an adventurous life, and to inspire others to do the same. This blog is dedicated to making traveling during this time of your life a reality. There are infinite tips and tricks to help you see the world on a college budget, and this blog will help with every aspect of your adventures. While there are countless reasons to travel in your 20’s, this first blog will outline just a few, and help you get that courage you need to explore the world.

You aren’t tied down yet. You have the time! If you haven’t started a family or started your lifetime career yet, make the most of the independence you have! There isn’t much time between when you’re young enough to explore the world with few responsibilities, but still old enough to appreciate what the world has to offer – but you are now. Take advantage of it.

Money isn’t everything. When you’re traveling when you’re young, you will realize that material objects and money aren’t nearly as important as you think they are. Instead of worrying about having the biggest apartment or the best car, get a taste of the world by backpacking Europe and exploring all the different countries. It is so much more fulfilling and priceless.

Find out how the other half lives. You will be surprised how it feels to experience cultures so unlike your own. There will be places that humble you, shock you, and leave you speechless. You will learn new ways to communicate, different social norms, and most importantly, gain insight into the real, everyday lives of people who have a totally different perception of the world than you do. I cannot tell you how invaluable this is.

Younger usually means cheaper. When you’re in your twenties, you don’t mind grocery shopping at local markets instead of expensive dining out, and staying with locals in their homes. As you grow older, you may become more comfortable with the finer things in life, or a more expensive style of living, but when you’re younger, you usually are just happy to experience something new. Go camping, backpacking, ride rail trains internationally, you will love every second of it, and you’ll see more places for a fraction of the price. And besides, when you’re retired, you can’t see all the places you dreamed about. Anything could happen in the future, so don’t take the chance. Take advantage of this time now!

You will learn more about yourself than ever before. You will go outside your comfort zone and learn about the people and places you see, but you will also learn about yourself. You might have to face fears you didn’t know you had, understand what intimidates you, and what relaxes you during these times. You will be able to find new interests, hobbies, and dreams. You may figure out that you like rural towns full of authenticity, or huge anonymous cities that you can get lost in. You will learn what is of value to you, and you will learn what isn’t. Learn these lessons as early in life as you can. Use them to explore the world, and find your inner adventurer.

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Happy Traveling!